The Business Athlete® - the most efficient and comprehensive way to create and sustain a high performing, high satisfaction, socially responsible culture.  

What our CLIENTS say about us

I would not hesitate to recommend
the Business Athlete model to anyone who aspires to be the best they can be in whatever they do.

It's a recipe for success.

I think the concept of winning without losing is extremely important. Business Athlete shows you how to achieve and maintain the balance.

Made me see what purpose I can serve both in my personal life and in business.

It is a "new perspective" that is vital to all

The breakdown and steps make moving toward success far easier.

We create and deliver programmes where business leaders, teams and organisations learn to fulfil more of their potential and win in business without losing in life. This means creating wins for all your stakeholders, with system and social responsibility, while ensuring business models that work and sustain. We help you in 'Winning Without Losing', integrated across all areas of work and life.

Our Corporate Values/Style are: Aspirational, Professional, Friendly, Focused and Fun (where possible!). 

testi-img.jpgWe help you develop the skills and capacities that create and sustain high performance over time. As needed and desired we can also translate our knowledge of high-performance sport to help leaders improve their performance and release more potential.

Consider for a moment the level of attention and detail that goes into developing a talented athlete. Imagine a business leader or executive team receiving the same kind of information and attention that an athlete does – but tailored instead to their own professional and personal needs in the business and personal context.

And imagine if that business leader or executive was coached to coach themselves and others, so they could grow the principles and practices in their system, and fulfil more human potential and results in their organisation and their wider system.

Welcome to The Business Athlete®.

Our team is led by Colin Wilson – Board & Executive Team Coach.

Colin is Managing Director of Business Athlete, a consultancy which specialises in individual, team, organisation and system potential, and in complex multi-stakeholder, multi-agency environments where there is a significant group dynamic component.

He has acted as coach/consultant to seven FTSE100 companies at senior level, one major political party, and as a national non-profit full Board member. 

A national award-winning Executive Team coach, Colin mentors Boards and Senior Executive teams to create, deliver and evolve their core purpose and objectives.

A versatile, incisive and challenging mentor, Colin aims to strengthen the team’s lived-out purpose, values, vision, strategy, culture and leadership in very practical and integrated ways.  With the focus on achieving high performance, and individual fulfilment & enjoyment, with strong system and social responsibility, results can be measured in combinations of financial, social benefit, systemic and/or environmental impact, while ensuring business models that work and sustain.

Opportunities and issues of diversity, inclusion and equality are progressed, held and mediated in a balanced way.

Following his esteemed career as an international sportsman with two Commonwealth silver medals, Colin trained as an elite sports coach and coach developer across many Olympic/Paralympic sports.  He has a mandate to supervise and mentor other Executive coaches and organisation consultants.  Accreditations include the Psychology of Trauma, Systemic Team Coaching, and Agile Coaching while he is qualified to deliver many psychometrics including three team development tools, including MBTI, SDI (Relationship Awareness), EQi/EBW, Belbin, Facet5, MTQ48 Mental Toughness. He is currently undergoing the Global Team Coaching Institute practitioner accreditation.

Colin’s technical background is in economics and statistics. He has worked in UK, Africa, Scandinavia, Middle East, New Zealand and EEC. He is a hot-air balloon pilot, a champion for the sport of Table Tennis internationally, and is active in youth leadership in his local church.

Highly regarded live TV commentator and media/presentations/acting trainer with 25 years of experience and over 350 hours of live TV exposure to live audiences of up to 300m.

The Business Athlete Approach

This month Colin Wilson, our MD and Director of Programmes, talks informally to camera about the need and opportunity for business to adopt new a philosophy in order to achieve rapid performance improvement in the context of 2021's changes, challenges and opportunities - and the rationale for the Business Athlete approach in achieving this. Ask for a copy to download.

The Business Athlete® method helps to:

  • Identify and release more individual, team, organisation and system potential
  • Close the 40-90% performance gap
  • Develop a culture of high performance and individual satisfaction with social responsibility and business success
  • Win in business without losing in life.

Who it's for:

The Business Athlete® specifically supports:

  • Identifying and integrating complex critical issues for personal and system success
  • Organisation performance culture
  • Boards & Senior Executive Teams and their members
  • Those with high-pressure lifestyles
  • High potentials
  • Transitions and promotions
  • High performance coaches
  • High performance athletes.

More info

Take the Business Athlete Profiling Assessment.

See how your organisation (or you as an individual) shapes up as a Business Athlete. Find out:
  • How much of your potential you are currently using
  • How much of your potential you need to be using to meet your challenges and achieve your goals
  • Where to refocus organisational (and individual) energy to release more of your potential 

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