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Its been a while. I am long retired but find myself using the skills taught by you in the community now.

UK National Board Member

September 2021

Thanks for today Colin. Massive head clear out and worth every minute! It was great to see you and spend some time with you. Class job.

Football Premier League, Head of Coaching

September 2021


I learned so much from your vast knowledge and experience!

Executive Team Coach colleague, USA

September 2021


Head Coach Colin Wilson prepared a fantastic program for the week. He delivered it with very clear, logical explanations with excellent demonstrations. Along with his team of coaches David Fairholm, Sue Collier, Senga Thomson, Gordon Fearn, Gordon Muir, Iain Rhind, Roy Claxton, Peter Shaw, Lindsay Muir, the players were treated to top class coaching, demonstrations, advice, tips and feedback.

TTS Coaching School Participant

July 2021

I have been playing and studying sports performance for over 40 years with national titles and yet I learned so much this week spending the week with you. Thank you.

Female sports champion, over 60 England national titles

July 2021


Thanks for believing in me these last 18 months. Embarassed

We make a great team and I am delighted to have you in my corner.

Coaching Supervision female client working with global corporate clients

June 2021

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all your advice and guidance that I have received from you over the last 18months.

I can honestly say that it has improved my mindset as a coach and helped me develop skills that I never even knew I had. I feel I have met a lifetime friend and mentor who I can turn to in times of need. Thank you once again for just being brilliant.

EFL Football Championship Coach

April 2021

I can't believe how useful I have found the mentoring sessions. Colin has successfully opened up the mind of an older, jaded, cynical mentee (!) which has made me better at my job and given me a new enthusiasm to improve my practice.

I have had many mentors over the years, but Colin has a way of making experienced people think out of the box and doesn't just offer solutions but guidance on how and why you are thinking or doing (or not doing) certain things.

Colin made it very easy to quickly build up rapport which I found essential in order for me to get the most out of my sessions. He has always been very helpful and approachable, with an outstanding knowledge, expertise and experience I also tapped into.

Colin's non-judgemental listening skills allowed me to open up to him enabling me to learn things about myself both professionally and personally. My sessions with him are always thought- provoking and somehow he has the knack of teasing out different strategies from me to use in my problem solving.

Colin makes me realise that I have the "tools" to approach problems and find solutions in many different ways.

Premier League Programme Head of Coaching

February 2021


Have a safe one with your family and congratulations on all your considerable work for us this year. I found it to be truly impressive.

Director, Ex-Multi-Site Commercial Director (£300m budget)

December 2020


Thank you for your support, guidance and challenge - you've been a great mentor to me through 2020. I look forward to further success together in 2021.

Specialist Executive Coach to PLCs

December 2020


Thank you I really enjoyed this. You are a very skilled communicator.

Renewables Energy Company

November 2020

  • I loved Colin's presentation!
  •  Fascinating presentation from Colin
  • The presentation made me think differently about what to do next
  • It's a privilege to listen to another perspective and exciting to hear from the sports side of coaching
  • Curious for more information from Colin  Really interesting with comparisons made
  • Colin's presentation was fascinating. I love sport and very interested in the similarities in executive coaching and sports coaching
  • Anabolics! Made sense on a whole range of levels. A fascinating and very good presentation
  • Great presentation by Colin ‚ great inputs to integrate into my usual coaching style
  •  Great presentation!
  • Always good to know that our speakers are so professional and have such a breadth of experience and knowledge to bring to these sessions.

Audience of senior leaders and coaches

March 2020


Really appreciate the chat tonight Colin. Talked a lot of sense and thank you. You're right about assumptions and forgiveness. It was really helpful to offload a lot of things to someone neutral that can see it from different perspectives; be honest and helpful to maintain a balance of the situation and challenges. Thanks for being open and supportive tonight.

Premier League client

April 2020

A quick word to say thank you for what you bring to this planet. The rock stars, red top regulars and the reality TV bozos appear to have all but vanished. Leaving only the real people who make the difference.

National Sales Manager

March 2020

Genuinely came away with so much.

Workshop participant, October 2019

I got called into an interview before I could catch you to say how much I enjoyed and was impressed with your talk. Mike was too and so we both want to let you know how good it was. And you are a natural orator, seemed so at ease up there. Your talk was so original and different, we loved it.

October 2019

With Business Athlete working on a project as part of Stellar Consulting, the client said, "You created a comfortable learning environment with lots of practice, interaction, feedback moments and opportunities for improvement on the spot. Feedback from the team afterwards was very good, with consistent appreciation of the good level of training and high degree of applicability, everybody took away various learnings, tips and tricks to apply in daily work which are still being used by many, half a year post-training."

Senior L&D Manager, Pharmaceuticals, Oct 2019

Pharmaceutical company

Wow what a difference a few days make, I think this says as much about your ability to mentor me in the right direction as my ability to take it on board and make the changes. I have read your feedback and another lightbulb has gone on. I felt something was still missing, reading your feedback I have suddenly realised what it was and what you have been telling me.

Mentoring client

July 2019

Our Mission: To create 'Winning Without Losing' as standard in corporate and organisational life by 2030 - helping leaders and their teams achieve performance, potential and balance, using elite performance principles and practices in relevant and effective ways.

Business Athlete Ltd Associate

Just wanted to say what a fantastic session with Colin this morning. It is a long time since I have had quality feedback like that on me, in fact not sure I ever have.

I learnt so much from the session it was amazing. I am now really keen to get out there again and practice some of the things. It has made me really hungry to get this right and be the best I can. I want to see how far I can take it. I was blown away by the depth.

Elite Sport Coach Educator

July 2019


Thank you for your facilitating today at a very difficult and tense meeting- it couldn't have happened the way it did without your masterful skills in this - I was so impressed by the respectful way you conducted the meeting being fair to all and considering all of our needs and needs not being met - it was a masterpiece of getting it just right. Just brilliant.

Client - Senior Manager

August 2018


I think and feel it was a tremendous gift having you with us over the past weeks and I never felt more in safe hands than with you by my side. I know I'll make all the necessary adjustments now to make the transitions needed.

July 2018



Thanks Colin! Those words mean a tremendous amount to me coming from a Commonwealth Silver Medallist and the person whose knowledge I respect most in my sport and who made such a difference to my son that will never be able to be measured in a monetary manner.

Father of child with Sensory Processing Disorder and Selective Mutism

March 2018


Alexander came back happy, exhausted and glowing. He said he had a brilliant weekend with you.

February 2018


Colin coached me with his superb Business Athlete coaching programme for 6 months. I was in a crucial point of my personal & professional lives. I was 40yo and have been relatively successful in both dimensions, but lacked a fully integrated life plan & approach for my next 20 years to go. Colin worked very collaboratively and since Day 1 has been very sharp in his thoughts, recommendations, guidance, etc. He combines a very acute business experience with real life high performance sports reality. It was a very deep, pleasant & effective process. I would highly recommend Colin's work and for sure will be using his expertise way forward.

Julio Franca

Spin Global Supply Chain Consulting, January 2018


Brilliant, just brilliant.

Thank you SO much Colin - I feel like I'm holding a precious gem (our new 46-page strategy) in my hands and can't wait to witness the next stage of our journey of enabling.  Feels so rich. I'm excited about the days ahead.

Thank you for being our "Shepherd to the Vision" - you should be proud. Words really aren't enough right now to express this.

Clinical Manager

Corby Association for Mental Health

You will be missed greatly for your continual contribution to the Board. We will of course look to you for continuing support. Thank you for everything.

Chair, National non-profit

November 2015


A sad day. We'll greatly miss your knowledge, wisdom and self-less pursuit of the right answer.

Board Member, national organisation

November 2015


It has been great working with you - I have learnt a lot. Your input particularly on the strategy development has been outstanding.

Vice-Chair, national non-profit organisation

November 2015


What a journey we have all come on. I can only echo what I said to you both yesterday 'Thank you' most sincerely for your vision, partnership working and support over the past 18 months. The leadership you have both portrayed through your planning and delivery has been refreshing to see. I would also like to say how much I have I learnt from both of you over this time; your ability to reflect and feedback so calmly, concisely and genuinely to our team was inspiring to observe.

National Talent Lead


Thanks for all your help and support over the past 20 months. 

One of the major impacts of the programme came for me when we spoke on the phone at length after the first session. This really gave me a perspective and understanding of how my awareness and own feelings impacted on what I do in a way I had never considered previously. 

This has been a really positive experience for me and is a great asset to my development on the pathway. It has been great getting to know you throughout this period.

Thanks again

National Manager


"Thanks for running that session last week - feels like excellent value for money to get so much of your time with them"


April 2015


This was our first session of four, and I'd rate the usefulness as 'Excellent - Very Useful so far'. I have a clear plan for changing things in December and I'm very much looking forward with intrigue to our follow-up session in mid-January.

International Sports Coach

Coach to National Junior Champion, December 2014


"I have been coached as a Business Athlete for 30 months so far - excellent. The Business Athlete coaching method is easy to understand and very useful. It coaches you where you need it most. It is the first time I have seen the principles of sports coaching properly translated and applied for business and personal coaching. It coaches the whole person in their life, allowing you to win without losing. Give Business Athlete a call, you can't lose!"

Nigel R Cairns MBA

Executive Commercial Ltd, December 2014


The Business Athlete framework for development has been really important to me over the last year. It has had a positive impact on my work, my teambuilding, my health and my family. In some ways I'm a different person now".

Global Head of Purchasing

Major global automotive company


The profiling that we covered had a massive role to play for me. We tailored it to suit myself and my team. The response from the team was superb as after profiling each of them we all sat down and had a much clearer path forward in how to improve. I felt that results from just this simple exercise were tremendous and and added focus and purpose.

National Team Manager/Coach

October 2014


The training was amazingly good, I liked especially that you were such a great actor. I remember you demonstrating concepts brilliantly. Now I am connecting those words in my mind to your performance and there it goes, I exactly know what I need to do. October 2014

Senior Researcher

Nokia Systems Network - October 2014


I found the session very useful and thought provoking - I thought the tool was very useful in terms of providing a structure to a lot of the issues I've been considering recently and forming a framework through which to consider a broad spectrum of areas."

Account Director

BT Global


In summary, it seems that many of my lower scores derive from a lack of clarity around my purpose. The fact that I have been 'surviving' through the last few years has meant that I have focused on short-term gains and rewards without being clear-headed enough to be able to invest in a longer term view of my world.

NOW I feel that I am starting to get more control over my energy levels and how to manage them and nurture myself, I want to get clear about my purpose and then build towards my future reality and vision.

Marketing Director

August 2014


I wanted to say thank you for all you have done over the last four months. I was really struggling, but I knew if we were going to be working together that day, the day would be great. You've been an amazing example. I'm doing so well now with my new working partner.


USA ExPat - November 2014


The Business Athlete programme is easy to understand if you have ever focussed on and achieved a goal, particularly if that involved training and practice. I especially like its winning without losing ethos as this helped me to see how to balance up my various different goals. The Business Athlete programme is straightforward and it also challenges you. I have a deceptively simple programme from it which requires focus and regular evaluation to keep on track. It is leading me to success in several areas of my life in which I had been unable to get traction in the preceding 12 months. I recommend this programme to executives who want to achieve in several different areas of their life."

Global Head of Purchasing

Global Automotive Company


Many thanks for this, the conversation was exactly where I needed it to be to move me on. I found the session really useful, interesting and thought provoking. Off to make some changes!

National Senior Manager - UK

November 2014


What a great experience! I want all three people as mentors - they were all brilliant at really encouraging me. I felt safe, energised, it was excellent.


Company Director and Executive Coach - November 2014


I think the programme is fantastic. I wouldn't have survived as well in my job if I hadn't been exposed to this thinking".

Helen Bushell

England Netball


At this point in the program the clarity of the scales and scoring system in the four quadrants was just what I needed to see and validate where I am starting from. So I would say that this was an excellent foundation session – 10/10”. 

Mark Harris

Director, Marketing Boost - June 2014


A really simple e-mail – a really big Thank You for all your efforts in pulling our Workshop together. The outcomes exceeded my expectations and you two had a massive part in that, many thanks.

National Manager

CSSC Sports and Leisure - July 2014


Thanks for taking the time to talk through the report, it was very beneficial.  I have attached my notes and hope they make sense.

I found the process very helpful and would rate the feedback as excellent (6/6).

Many thanks


National Team Manager/Coach - Northern Ireland

September 2014


First small goal achieved and celebrated! Had my first pint of water of the day with breakfast too :-)

Thank you to Mark and Andrew for yesterday. I felt more stretched (in a good way) than I have in a long time. And the model has already helped me appreciate relative priorities of the actions and their relationship to each other.

I'll continue to process and reflect over the next few days - you may hear the cogs whirring!

Stephanie Smith

Company Director and Executive Coach - November 2014


I'm finding the programme very useful. Thanks.

National Team Manager/Coach - Wales

October 2014


When I went through these I wasn't initially sure why they were low but upon reflection I understand that self control is the issue. Where does this emotional block come from?  This also links with awareness of others. I can come across that I'm not interested in others or am not interested in developing relationships because I'm always rushing. This must change. I now see that this means that I am not managing my time effectively and consequently I am neglecting my health, nutrition and hydration in order to get by. As Colin mentioned before, I need to understand that my Personal Time Pizza is only so big, I must find out what is important to me, what my values are and then assess what pieces of my pizza are non-negotiable. We're going to sort this out! Family time, amount of sessions, breaks, recovery, preparing diet, reflection & development. I liked what Colin said about Goal Setting Structure - 30,60, 90 day plans and goals/targets that support these. I know where I want to get to‚ Career goals‚ but my plan to get there or plan for development isn't as clear as it should be.

From here I will be able to alter my physical patterns and plan differently which should give me the time to have the quality in my coaching that gives me the opportunity to be World Class.

National Team Manager/Coach - Wales

October 2014


I would not hesitate to recommend the Business Athlete model to anyone who aspires to be the best they can be in whatever they do."

Senior National Manager

National Non-Profit Agency


Thanks Colin, your five sessions have been brilliant for me. You've been the catalyst for me to start feeling like a better coach. It's been fantastic to be given the chance to work with you. Thank you.

Adam Paterson

High Performance Coach, British Gymnastics - July 2014


Colin is like the speech therapist in The King's Speech; Supportive, and brings a new perspective. Really beneficial.

Junior sports international

October 2013


This is really a great help to me Colin. It's helping me make the mental shift from tactical deliverable thinking to strategic outcome thinking.

it feels like a good shift, very good 

thank you


Mark Harris

Director, Marketing Boost - April 2014


I retained a job I was heading to lose! - you helped me recognise my underlying attitudes and take a new approach".

National HR Development Manager

Global IT Company


I am eternally grateful for the Business Athlete lessons you taught me when I was having a hard time at work and in my life. I learned so much more than I expected".

Retail Manager

National Retail Catering Chain - June 2013


My Business Athlete Coach is an astute and experienced coach and this is clear from the moment you meet. He challenges well and sometimes he stopped me in my tracks with a question which would lead to reassessment of where I really am. He is good at holding a mirror up to you and getting you to raise your own self-awareness. Colin helped me to new insights and to re-balance my life. I would recommend Colin to executives who are beginning to wonder how they can do it all successfully or who require insights into how to raise their game to the next level."

Nigel Cairns, Head of Business Operations

T-mobile - September 2012


Thanks Colin. A really good day. Thanks for hosting in such a convivial manner.

Rich Dean

Sports Psychologist and co-Author, 'The Rugby Fan'. - November 2014

  • Inspiring."
  • The breakdown and steps makes moving towards success far easier."
  • I saw what to do to achieve a better balance in life."
  • Enabled me to see how to go about seeing what I can serve, both in my personal life and in business."
  • It's a recipe for success."

National Executives

Novartis - Global Pharmaceutical company

  • Thank you for an easy method; one I will use in my team."
  • The breakdown and steps make moving toward success far easier."
  • I think the concept of winning without losing is extremely important. This course shows you how to focus on maintaining that balance, and that although you may have to make some sacrifices, they are just that and not losses."
  • The balance between the four capacities is so important."
  • Made me see how to go about what purpose I can serve, both in my personal life and in business."

National Executives

Global Pharmaceutical company


Our 'Report and Feedback' session today was definitely a 6 out of 6 for me. Thought provoking as ever.

I like the way you used relevant insights from your knowledge of me as well as our monitoring of my Business Athlete progress over time. Using BA over an extended time period (27 months in my case) we can now see is much more valuable than a (even excellent) one-off session.

Self-mastery in the context of one's environment, perhaps that is a major thing.

Here's to Winning without Losing.


Nigel R Cairns MBA

+44 (0)7780 007 656 |

Nigel R Cairns MBA

Director, Executive Commercial Ltd. November 2014


Thank you so much. Our work together over the last month has helped me enormously. The points about convergence, divergence and avoidance really resonated. Now I'll take the time to make a plan and be different at the top of the business!


Executive Coaching Agency, November 2014


We really enjoyed the session last night and felt we learnt a huge amount, so thank you from both of us for that. We will speak again on Monday. Best Wishes

International Sports Team Pair

December 2014


"I felt back to something like my best as a coach"

Coaching Supervision Client: Senior Executive Coach and MD

Thank you for your sincerity. Thank you for caring. Thank you for your time. Thank you for being willing to listen. Thank you for your expertise. Thank you for your friendship.

Executive Coaching Client, Software Exec

Our very ambitious project has required the engagement of many diverse groups in order to get the project funded and then built. The project has moved ahead steadily despite the pandemic and much of this is due to the persistent efforts of Colin. Throughout this project he has shown an even temperament and consistent attention to detail. Ability to deal with complex problems and the unexpected surprises that always come along with a difficult project. A sensitivity to the needs of the people working both within and outside the project. This has been a vital skill because of the pressure that everybody has been under. I would say this skill is very rare. If I could merge my skills and Colin's then l could probably rule the world.

Ambitious business owner

November 2020


Thanks a lot. It has given me the impetus to make some simple yet significant changes. Congratulations on being able to do such a good job and keep me completely focused for 2 hours on a skype line with jerky video!

Particularly powerful:

Quick to pick up the main themes.

Razor sharp in analysis yet kind in the way you intervened.

You didn't let me get away with any self delusion or backsliding.

Australian business consultancy


Thank you so much for being an assessor at the World Class Start & Potential Selection Trials. You complimented her beautifully and all the candidates whom I spoke to said how welcoming and friendly you were even though the technical questions floored them! It was great to see you and work with you again.

Major Sport- World Class Start & Potential Coordinator