The Business Athlete® - the most efficient and comprehensive way to create and sustain a high performing, high satisfaction, socially responsible culture.  

the purpose and mission of the business athlete®

The purpose and mission of The Business Athlete® is to enable people to fulfil their potential by:

  • providing an individualised, focused, challenging and thought-provoking experience.
  • creating sustainable, healthy, long-term performance habits.
  • establishing an underpinning of self-awareness, self-regulation and balance.
  • including system and social responsibility in their view of success.
  • creating a quality of life that is self-fulfilling and rewarding.
– philosophy –

World class athletes report that they achieve over 90% of their potential; on average non-athletes report that they achieve around 40%.

Sport uses principles and practices that are directly transferable to the business world that can help release...

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– vision –

Through involvement in the Business Athlete programme individuals will be able to:

  • Clarify their long-term personal and  professional goals.
  • Recognize the importance of meeting...
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– values & beliefs –

Business Athlete values and beliefs:

  • The development of the individual and the team is the central focus.
  • People have fundamental needs that, if met, lead to a more successful and...
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business athlete coaches

Colin Wilson

England South; East Midlands; London

Colin Wilson – Board & Executive Team Coach

Colin is Managing Director of Business Athlete, an agency which specialises in individual, team, organisation and system potential, and complex multi-stakeholder, multi-agency environments where there is a significant group dynamic component.

He has acted as coach/consultant to seven FTSE100 companies at senior level, one major political party, and as a national non-profit full Board member. 

 A national award-winning Executive Team coach, Colin mentors Boards and Senior Executive teams to create, deliver and evolve their core purpose and objectives.

A versatile, incisive and challenging mentor, Colin aims to strengthen the team’s lived-out purpose, values, vision, strategy, culture and leadership in very practical and integrated ways.  With the focus on achieving high performance and individual fulfilment with strong system and social responsibility, results can be measured in combinations of financial, social benefit, systemic and/or environmental impact. This means creating wins for all your stakeholders, with system and social responsibility, while ensuring business models that work and sustain.

Opportunities and issues of diversity, inclusion and equality are progressed, held and mediated in a balanced way.

Following his esteemed career as an international sportsman with two Commonwealth silver medals, he trained as an elite sports coach and coach developer.  He has a mandate to supervise and mentor other Executive coaches and organisation consultants. 

Accreditations include the Psychology of Trauma, Systemic Team Coaching, and Agile Coaching while he is qualified to deliver many psychometrics including three team development tools including MBTI, SDI (Relationship Awareness), EQi/EBW, Belbin, Facet5, MTQ48 Mental Toughness. He is currently undergoing the Global Team Coaching Institute practitioner accreditation.

Colin’s technical background is in economics and statistics. He has worked in UK, Africa, Scandinavia, Middle East, New Zealand and EEC. He is a hot-air balloon pilot, a champion for the sport of Table Tennis internationally, and is active in youth leadership in his local church.

Highly regarded live TV commentator and media/presentations/acting trainer with 25 years of experience and over 350 hours of live TV exposure to live audiences of up to 300m.

Member of

Rosie mayes

England West; Wales

My background is steeped in sport – a Masters graduate from Loughborough University, former England international netball player and National Coach to Wales and the Republic of Ireland netball teams, I have also been sport scientist to the England and Welsh national rugby teams. My involvement in coaching drew me into the corporate world, where I realised that many of the principles and practices used in high performance sport were readily transferable to the business world.

My thirst for knowledge about human development, adult learning and authentic leadership together with my coaching and teaching background and experience in business and sport have strongly influenced my approach to developing individuals and teams, combining a goal-focussed, outcome orientated approach with a respect for the unique, holistic needs of the individuals.

david levine

England Yorkshire

A passionate, experienced and professional executive with a successful track record creating change in organisations and with individuals. Skilled coach and leader, who thrives on working with and developing people and teams. Personable, positive, proactive and professional in the pursuit of excellence and results. Operates with confidence across diverse cultures at local and national level.

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Performance Improvement
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Career Change, Transition or Retirement
  • Talent Liberation
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Goal Setting and Confidence Building

neville sander


Neville brings more than 20 years' experience of people development in achieving the successful navigation of complex and unusual strategic and commercial situations in Service and Technology based organisations. He has proven leadership skills establishing and leading strategic and large scale projects and programmes, creating engagement with an approach to development and transformation that ensures projects succeed. Experience across global FTSE 100, PE, VC, not-for-profit, startup environments and notably organisations transitioning these. Uses his sports background in bringing unique insight uniting relationships, commercial, organisational and operational impact. Passionate about developing people, using adapted sports methodologies, harnessing diversity and engaging with clients' ambitions.

lajos forras


Partner, Executive Coach, OD Consultant, Experienced HR Director, at Telos Partners. In the past 7 years of my professional career I have helped prestigious organisations and their Leaders realise their ambitions from the side, in the roles of Consultant, Facilitator and Coach. This activity has given me the opportunity to work in Hungary and Europe in a wide variety of sectors like banking, insurance, FMCG, pharmaceutical, IT & Telecom, software, big four professional services, automotive. Transformation and developing capabilities both at an organisational and personal level has been a common theme in my work. One of my key strengths that organisations find useful are being able to balance focus between business results and people even in the toughest times of change. The other is keeping myself updated with the world's leading theories and practices in the subjects of HR, Leadership and Management.

ANDREW BUNTING, ex-European Marketing Director, Intel - Munich



Andrew Bunting is father, coach, sportsman and businessman who’s chief strength is helping people find different perspectives and open new channels to achieve their potential. With over 40 years active engagement in competitive sport, 30 years track record in business and leadership (international marketing with Intel & start-up environments), 10 years of parenting, and 7 years as a leadership wellness coach, Andrew has personally experienced a wide range of perspectives which help him relate to his clients. His key focus as a coach to executives and organisations is the energy they need to bring to master challenges sustainably – for effectiveness, health and environmental impact. Through his understanding of communication, he helps individuals and teams channel their energy more effectively by recognising and reducing mis-communication and stress and thus helping leaders put people before performance.

A champion of diversity in organisations, Andrew also represents Parents@Work in Germany, delivering peer coaching programs for parents in organisations helping parents get back to work and organisations to maintain diverse talent in their leadership pipeline. He previously served 2 years on the board of the International Coaching Federation – Germany.



Slovakia - Gabor Somogyi

UK South - Rich Dean, Mark Harris


World class athletes report they fulfil over 90% of their potential; non-athletes in senior positions typically report they fulfil around 40%. Sport uses principles and practices that are directly transferable to the business world that can help release a higher percentage of this potential.

An individual, holistic approach to performance improvement and development will reduce the incidence of 21st century burnout (stress, depression, illness, injury, broken relationships). The Business Athlete programme is built on the belief that prevention is better than cure.

Balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs is central to human growth and development; the art of integrating short-term, high pressure, 'unbalanced' demands into the long-term personal vision of success is key to self-fulfilment.


Through involvement in the Business Athlete programme individuals will be able to:

  • clarify their long-term personal and  professional goals
  • recognise the importance of meeting  physical, emotional, mental and  spiritual needs
  • recognise imbalances in their growth  and development and identify  development needs and  self-correction strategies
  • develop long-term sustainable  health-based habits that reduce  stress, illness, and fatigue and enable  them to meet personal and  professional goals and challenges
  • achieve higher levels of self-esteem  and confidence, self-fulfillment and  self-actualisation by meeting their  challenges
  • recognise the fundamental changes  they have gone through and how  these impact and benefit significant  others around them.

Through their Business Athlete experience, a growing network of people will share a common philosophy about the potential of humans; recognise what it takes to release that potential in themselves and others; and what their role is in helping others develop.

Through the success of the programme the Business Athlete name will be known, recognised and respected by significant others as a unique, quality initiative, founded on effective evidence-based practice and experience, that is continually evolving and developing

Sponsors, investors and contributors will be proud to be associated with the initiative, will see the benefits of their association and through their involvement, will be challenged to grow and develop themselves.

The Business Athlete experience will make a qualitative and quantative difference to all those involved that will result in measurable personal and professional performance improvements.

values and beliefs:

Business Athlete values and beliefs:

  • the development of the individual  and the team is the central focus
  • people have fundamental needs  that, if met, lead to a more  successful and fulfilling life
  • the potential of the human is  limitless and largely untapped
  • learning and growth occur when  you respond to new and  stimulating challenges
  • open-mindedness, awareness and  responsibility underpin learning
  • excellence and quality are  recognised and celebrated
  • theoretical, scientific,  evidence-based research from  other fields of excellence can be  modelled, translated and used  effectively in the business world
  • passion, focus and goals drive  people: awareness, realignment  and balance lead to their  fulfilment.