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Nov 15, 2020

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Colin Wilson Interview
I spoke to Colin for about 40 minutes a few weeks ago. He was already at Corby Smash TTC getting ready for a day of coaching the wide variety of players who were attending their summer training camp. During our conversation Colin shared a number of useful tips for players and coaches of all levels.

In this episode you’ll learn:
How Corby Smash TTC came into existence, and why [1:15]
Who is Colin Wilson [7:45]
What are the underlying qualities of success in any field [14:15]
How much (and how often) should you practice table tennis [21:00]
Matches vs Training – Advice for beginners [27:00]
How to play relaxed table tennis [29:45]
More information about Corby Smash TTC [36:00]

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